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Don’t you want your or your customers’ data to reach the wrong people who can use it against your company? Do you want to be 100% sure that sensitive data on your hard drives will never see the daylight? Do not try to solve such problems with unverified methods that will not bring a positive effect. Formatting the data storage device or even destroying the hard drive with a drill will not give you the certainty of protecting against data recovery.

What can you do with this problem then? Data storage devices that you no longer use give us – a professional enterprise that will take care of the safe destruction of data. In HitITgroup, by professionally destroying drives or erasing data, we will ensure that any information is unrecoverable. Besides, you can prevent the loss of credibility and good image of your company and meet all legal requirements. What does it mean? It means that you don’t have to worry about data protection. All thanks to the latest and most effective technologies! You do not believe it? Check it out for yourself!



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    Professional destruction and disposal of HDDs and SSDs

    In HitITgroup we deal with the permanent destruction of data and the disposal of data storage devices. All thanks to the demagnetization process and the Shredder. Demagnetization is the formation of an electromagnetic field of a great force. This causes the HDD to lose all saved data. Note, however, that the demagnetizer does not work on SSDs (flash memories). If we want to destroy such a drive, we need to use a Shredder. This kind of destruction equipment can also be used for HDD devices. What is extremely important, for the sake of the environment, the drives before physical destruction are dismantled, and only the magnetic storage is destroyed. This allows you to be sure that your actions do not increase the dangerous amount of electronic waste. Besides, the destroyed data will never fall into the hands of wrong people who can use it against you. Are you interested in destroying and disposing of hard drives? Contact us!

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    Permanent data destruction by WIPERAPP®

    In addition to physically destroying drives, HitITgroup also offers a secure destruction of data from storage media. All thanks to proprietary software that will take care of erasing the drive in a way that does not destroy the storage media, which makes the drive reusable. Thanks to such actions, we contribute to the reduction of electronic waste! This method of permanent destruction of the disk has full compliance with the European regulation on data protection and privacy in the European Union (GDPR). Our permanent data destruction tool works with all HDDs and SSDs. What is more, it is completely safe for SDDs! It complies with NIST Special Publication 800-88 (Revision 1). This guarantees a complete, secure and permanent destruction of data from storage media. The confirmation of our actions will be an individual certificate for each disk. However, it is important to remember that it is possible to obtain after the whole process, i.e. after erasure, verification and checking the drive. We guarantee you that no one will be able to recover data from your old media storage anymore.

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