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Does your company base its activity on computer equipment? If so, then you probably realize that you need to refresh old devices and replace them with next-generation computers, from time to time. Then, the unused computer equipment goes to warehouses, cellars, or other premises where it is stored. Are you wondering what to do with it? Do you want to get rid of your devices safely? We have the perfect solution for you! Take advantage of the company’s services and check out our offer for old computers and laptops. Thanks to us, you will enrich yourself on computer devices that are already out of use.

What kind of equipment do we repurchase?

  • Desktops and notebooks (produced by large brands) with second-generation and later Intel Core i3 processors.
  • Panoramic TFT screens – from 21 inches upwards.
  • Servers and networking hardware produced only by large brands and not older than 6 years.
  • SIP Phones and IP Telephone Exchanges not older than 4 years

What kind of equipment we do not repurchase?

  • From detailed customers.
  • We do not repurchase cables, computer mice, keyboards, toners, and other accessories.
  • We do not repurchase printers, photocopiers, scanners.
  • We do not repurchase computers built from different components but in case of more than 100 pcs. we will help you to find a buyer or buy such equipment for parts.
  • We do not repurchase less than 50 pcs. of equipment..

Old it equipment repurchase – why our company?

You are probably wondering, why you should choose our equipment repurchase. First of all, we care about the environment in which we live. We give a second life to computers and laptops by upgrading and re-launching them on the market. Moreover, we take care of the safety of our customers. Our company takes care of the customers’ data through permanent and irreversible destruction of data, without producing electronic waste. Responsible for this is our proprietary software. The company’s activities also fit into the CSR philosophy, we care about society in the environment in which we live and work. We donate equipment to the poorest, putting a lot of work and heart into it. This is our concept, where children from orphanages, poor families, and educational institutions can enjoy using IT equipment. Often our equipment is their only source of connection to the world of the Internet.

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    A simple and enjoyable process of repurchasing computers and laptops by HitITgroup

    Are you interested in old desktops and laptops repurchase?

    You need to know that before we repurchase your devices, all computer hardware must be accurately written down, including the basic parameters. If you have not carried out cataloging and diagnostics of equipment in your company contact us and we will take care of it professionally!

    Our company is located in Wrocław. Therefore, you can provide us with equipment in person from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 16.00, or use our help. How we can help? Up to 100 km, our company organizes the transport of equipment and covers the full cost! Further routes and transport of more computer equipment for repurchase or disposal are organized and determined individually with the customer. The repurchased computer equipment is transported in vehicles which are secured by special seals.

    We deal with the permanent and certified removal of data from storage media. We have a proprietary solution – WIPERAPP that meets the requirements of the GDPR and NIST 800-88 standards. Our employees will be happy to provide you with more information about the type of service, its course, and scope.

    We may also repurchase your devices that are no longer suitable for use, like damaged or broken desktops and laptops. You will get rid of the useless equipment and we will use it by providing you with a waste transfer note.

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